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If you are drawn to the physical fitness, stress-reduction, self-defense or just are just interested in martial arts we have your answer. Tsuru Ki Goju Ryu, offers a variety of programs to fit your needs. At our school through our structured programs, we aim to provide self-confidence, self-discipline, focus and physical fitness. We encourage the development of life skills through our program designed for all ages and guides you on how to set short and long term goals.

Come meet us and we look forward to welcoming you to Tsuru Ki, and introducing you to a new way of life, leading to health, fitness, and enjoyment.


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Tsuru Ki GoJu Benefits:

  • Benefit men, women and children

  • We are not a belt factory, you earn your success

    • Each student progress at their own pace and is mentored and encouraged on path to success 

  • Develop strength, quickness, balance, and coordination.  

    • Develop stronger and more bone density
    • Increase range of motion and flexibility
    • Develop strong joints and mobility
    • Improve balance
    • Improve coordination and agility at any age
  • Increase your ability to concentrate, 

  • Increase your ability to focus leading to self-discipline, and self-control. 

  • Enhance circulation and digestion

  • Helps to  reduce back and joint problems

  • Helps to relieve stress

  • In today's society it is becoming increasingly necessary to possess practical and proven self-protections skills

  • Confidence is the most important trait for children to develop 

    • Confidence will empower your child with the ability to make the right decision, even when it isn't the most popular one  

    • Our classes create confidence through real success.

  • Our classes help children to focus their energies and aggression  

    • Doctors and psychologists very often prescribe martial arts training to help children focus their energy in a positive manner. 

    • Children with ADD, ADHD and other learning challenges learn to concentrate better and expand on their attention span 



Tsuru Ki GoJu Ryu is a branch school of Austino's Karate Do. Master Cianelli has studied under Master's Austino, Sr. and Jr.  since 1992.

Clenched Fist insignia by which USA Goju Ryu is identified.

While most karate styles teach the use of hard blocks and hard strikes, GoJu teaches the hard style but also emphasizes the “Soft” style.  It is a style that is compatible for both men and women, young and old.

GoJu Ryu (剛柔流), (Japanese for "hard-soft style") is one of the main traditional Okinawan styles of karate, featuring a combination of hard and soft techniques. Both principles, hard and soft, come from the famous martial arts book Bubishi, used by Okinawan masters during the 19th and 20th centuries. Go which means hard, refers to closed hand techniques or straight linear attacks; Ju which means soft, refers to open hand techniques and circular movements.

Major emphasis is given to breathing correctly. Goju Ryu practices methods that include body strengthening and conditioning, its basic approach to fighting (distance, stickiness, power generation, etc.), and partner drills. It incorporates both circular and linear movements into its curriculum and combines hard striking attacks such as kicks and close hand punches with softer open hand circular techniques for attacking, blocking, and controlling the opponent, including locks, grappling, takedowns and throws.

"Do not be struck by others, do not strike others, and avoid trouble at all costs".  This teaching is an essence of Goju-Ryu Karate-Do.  In other words, after acquiring physical strength, one's attitude towards life should be the pursuits of a tranquil existence and an unfettered mind.  This state of peaceful coexistence between body and mind can be achieved only after rigorous training and tireless efforts on the part of the student of Goju-Ryu Karate.

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Kobudo (Ancient Weapon Arts) is the study of "weapons".  "Weapons way" a generic term coined in the 20th century, which can be used to describe collectively all Okinawan weapon combatives.  However, it is more accurate to specify "Okinawan Kobudo" in order to distinguish it from "Japanese Kobudo."  At Tsuru Ki you will learn the weapons of OKINAWAN KOBUDO - Weapon Arts of the Farmer and Fishermen and JAPANESE KOBUDO - Weapon Arts of the Samurai.

The benefits from training Kobudo on a physical, mental and spiritual level are the same as Karate. Kobudo training develops physical fitness and positive character traits. The study of Kobudo also works in conjunction with Karate and balances out the Karate practitioner’s training. In ancient times, weaponry and empty hand techniques were, for the most part, studied together. Kobudo also teaches how to use everyday items as self-defense weapons and the weapon itself empowers the person using it against an attacker.


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